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Research and Development In cooperation with independend research facilities, with raw material manufacturers and with international trade companies we are developing new products which are beyond the status of the market. In addition the contract research after market demands is part of our target areas, for example by substitution of no longer authorized contents.  We particularly attach importance to extensive practise tests carried out by external enterprises to be able to make an objective statement about the product quality and the user suitability. 
The company Individual solutions for innovative products
Production, Logistic and Sales Production, bottling and dispatch are carried out at our main location in Essen/Germany. Our production volume are 10 - 150 l per charge, manufactured with heatable planet agitators with vacuum technology and automatic dosing facilities. Our standard sales units are 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, but customer container are possible as well. All products are distributed by our partner: Professional Products M. Naumann GmbH
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