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Burkhard Friedrich studied in Bonn/Germany and Duisburg/Germany and worked 10 years in the development and production of thermosetting, synthetic materials for the electronic and aircraft industry, worked as a business and laboratory head in the dye industry and is still active for more than 15 years as development specialist for color systems in plastics, radiation systems and cosmetic products independently. Furthermore studies in environmental technologies, security engineering and computer science are rounding off his profile.      Since 2010 the company Premium Chemicals is regarded as innovation factory for new products, in particular for UV-curing cosmetic products. Since 2014 the new location in Essen offers the base for an expansive development and optimal production of the products with the excellent infrastructure. Here the products arise today for tomorrow. In December 2013 an exceptional branch-personality could be gained for the enterprise, the diploma-chemist took the doctors degree on the photochemistry topic and the diploma-chemist sets the flanks with his scientific worksand chemical findings for the introduction of new, innovative products. The management team 2014 was enlarged through a formulation technician, as a long-standing development specialist for products of the hair and nail cosmetics in internationally active enterprises the experience for the necessary product - and imports high-quality certification.
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