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The production of UV nail gels is, the right production facilities presupposed, relatively simple. The technology is used for many years in the dental industry as well as in special applications for the dye- and ink industry. These are some of the reasons why more and more manufacturers and more and more importers are offering their products.  If it´s all about, however, it already becomes considerably more small to satisfy special requirements for high quality UV nail gels.  Criteria like bonding on nature nails, non-yellowing, less heat while cross- linking, easy filing, easy gel removing, viscosity, easy processing, stability, hardness, flexibility, gloss conservation and compliance with the legislations for all contents substances are only some points which have to be taken into account.     For us it also means that after the practise test and in front of the release through the distributors all relevant data like technical data sheets, safety data sheets and the safety valuations must be available. Trade and brand names are listed, assigned and stuck by the disposal for official checks.    This service is obvious for us, also in the private label market we see each other in the responsibility chain and offer our customers corresponding solutions.  
Products Innovation for the trade market, private label for premium brands
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With the new EU cosmetic regulation in 2013 the products will be safer for users and consumers in Europe. Importers from third countries do not always fulfil their obligations in a sufficient way offering non compliant products. The demanded proof of origin in the future and the liability regulations in the responsibility chain offer more protection for dangerous products. Users and consumers are frequently overtaxed with safety judgements of cosmetic products and have to rely on manufacturers. Therefore the high, legally regulated standard in Europe is a worldwide quality seal.
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